Herd Health

Pioneers of the High Health Status Herd™

The breeding sows that are the source of swine for Midwest Research Swine are classified as a High Health Status Herd™. High Health Status Herds are those managed for reproductive and weight-gain efficiencies with a minimum of medication. Midwest Research Swine’s animals are raised inside environmentally-controlled facilities to reduce the prevalence of infectious diseases without compromising the animals’ developmental vigor (thriftiness). This type of herd health is sought after by companies who are developing medical technologies using porcine tissue and organs in revascularization processes, regenerative cell and tissue therapy, xenograft and allograft procedures.

Herd managers and veterinarians have worked together to devise these sophisticated management practices. Verification of herd-health status is accomplished through an integrated program of testing. This is the strategy under which Midwest Research Swine’s animals are raised and managed.

Genetic Management
The pigs produced by Midwest Research Swine are a mix of American Yorkshire-Landrace-Duroc. This genetic hybrid vigor and hetorosis have been developed specifically for biomedical uses and not as a sideline business Image of newborn pigs nursingto selling breeding stock or packing meat products. The integrity of the herd genetics is confirmed by controlling genetics at conception. Midwest Research Swine maintains herds of prolific crossbred American Yorkshire-Landrace females that bred to Duroc boars or semen. Our source of genetic material does not use Hampshire or other confounding breeds because the maximum hybrid vigor on the maternal side by using a cross of maternal York and Landrace pures for outstanding litter size and bred to the Duroc for a complete out cross on the piglets for maximum gain and feed conversion.

Most of the litters are conceived through artificial insemination, which improves the biosecurity of this closed herd system. Not having to introduce new breeding stock helps maintain the extremely High Health Status of our herds. This genetic cross produces dominantly white animals with tremendous hybrid vigor (hetorosis). The pigs produced by this genetic cross are white in color, docile, easy to handle and have exceptional feet and leg structure.

Through close genetic management we have eliminated a gene related to stress giving these pigs a greater tolerance for shipping.

Disease-free pigs
The animals offered by Midwest Research Swine are U.S.D.A. validated Brucellosis-free (U.S.D.A. herd #0595) and qualified Pseudorabies negative (monitored herd #M617 Stage III). Recent clinical and diagnostic results on the current sow herd and offspring have shown no evidence of:

-Swine Dysentery -P.R.R.S -Salmonella -Erisipelas
-Swine Influenza -T.G.E. -Mange -Bordatella Bronchiseptica
-Rota Virus -Mycoplasma -Lice

Minimal use of vaccines control disease. The breeding stock is vaccinated for the following organisms – Porcine Parvovirus, Leptospira ssp, and Erysipelohrix Rhusiopothine and monitored for any serological response. Monthly the entire herd is evaluated for antibodies to Pseudorabies and Brucella. The herd is also examined for ectoparasites and ascarids, inhibitors of weight-gain in economic ani

The herd health is monitored by:
University of Minnesota
Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
1333 Gortner
St. Paul, MN
phone: 800-605-8787

Additional Services
Midwest Research Swine offers consulting on nutrition, health management and animal care. We will work closely with individual investigators to meet their special research requirements.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Midwest Research Swine ships laboratory animals in accordance with the specifications of each purchase order. If, after delivery and immediate inspection, you determine that the animals do not conform to your specifications and are unacceptable, please notify Midwest Research Swine within 72 hours. With the exception of undetectable congenital abnormalities, we will replace unacceptable animals.