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INTRODUCING Precision Leveling Technology – Precise, Controlled Recovery of Porcine Dermis
Midwest Research Swine (MRS), the leading U.S. supplier of High Health Herd Status™ biomedical swine, donor tissue animals, and harvested tissue, announced today the introduction of Precision Leveling Technology (PLT) and the availability of porcine dermis prepared using this technology.
Emerging Technology: Perfusion Decellularization
Two and one-half years ago, an article was published in Nature Medicine that described the research done in a laboratory at the University of Minnesota. The article stunned both the scientific community and the lay press, both of which were effusive with their praise and made the authors of the article overnight celebrities. Harald Ott and Doris Taylor had removed the heart from a recently euthanized animal, decellularized it, and then injected it with a mixture of heart cells from a donor rat. After only eight days in a bioreactor, the heart began to beat again.